When it comes to pest control in Augusta, GA, Terminix is a name you can rely on. We’ve been protecting homeowners and their families for 75 years now. We’ve gotten rid of plenty of unwelcome rodents, bugs and other pests along the way.

From first time homebuyers curious about a bug they’ve spotted to new transplants wondering exactly what a palmetto bug is, folks in Augusta trust Terminix to answer all their questions about pests and pest control.

Augusta Pest Control 101

We recently compiled a list of the most common questions we hear about pest control in Augusta, GA. And in the interest of helping as many Augustans as we can, we’re sharing some of those questions here with you now.

Keep reading to discover all the answers to your most burning (or at least most common) questions about pest control in Augusta.

Are termites a problem in Georgia?

Termites are a problem in Georgia only if you don’t have them under control. On their own, termites are an important part of the natural environment, working to break down and compost  wood and plant materials. Termites become a problem — a huge one at that — only if they identify the wood in your home as a food source.

Georgia’s climate is ideal for termites year round, especially the subterranean termite, though they are most active during the spring and summer. Swarming termite colonies — when winged adults are sent forth in huge quantities — are a common sight throughout the state on warm, sunny days following rainfall.

Again, termites are only really a problem when they get inside your home. You don’t need to worry too much about nests in your yard or property unless they are close or adjacent to your home. On the other hand, if you see any termites inside your home, don’t hesitate to call in Georgia’s pest control experts at Terminix.
Looking for termite protection and pest control in Augusta, GA? Request a free inspection from  Terminix today. Our local technicians will assess your property for signs of termite activity, identifying any problems and discussing treatment options. They’ll also make recommendations for a proactive strategy to help keep your home protected.

What kind of rats live in Georgia?

Georgia is home to all three of the household rodents: Norway rats, house mice, and roof rats. Of the three, the Norway rat and the roof rat are the most commonly encountered rodents in the state.

As their name may suggest, roof rats prefer to seek shelter high above the ground in roofs and attics. In contrast, Norway rats prefer to nest close to the ground, usually in wall voids, basements and crawl spaces. 

Both species have been known to pose a number of risks to humans. This includes carrying infectious diseases and creating fire hazards as they gnaw through wiring and electrical equipment. Suffice to say, both of them make pretty terrible house guests. 

Looking for rodent control in Augusta? Terminix is here to help. Our expert technicians will round up all the rodents and make sure they don’t return. 

What type of cockroaches live in Georgia?

Georgia is home to a great variety of cockroaches, including the American cockroach, the German cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, the Asian cockroach, and the smoky brown cockroach, among others.

Of the five most common species, it is the American, the German and the smokybrown who are most likely to find their way into your home, while the Asian and Oriental cockroaches are most often found outdoors (though not always).

Regardless of the variety, cockroaches pose a real risk to humans. They’ve been known to spread dangerous bacteria, like salmonella, and can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks in some individuals.

And even the most meticulously cleaned homes can fall victim to roach infestations. Keeping clutter to a minimum and regularly cleaning are great preventative strategies, but cockroaches are indiscriminate when it comes to seeking food, water, shelter and warmth.

What kind of ants live in Georgia?

Georgia is home to a diverse population of different ant species. Commonly, homeowners in Georgia contend with carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, crazy ants, and Argentine ants. Because of the diversity of ant species in our area, it can be difficult for homeowners to contend with these critters on their own. 

What works for one species may not be as effective for another. In fact, it can be difficult to even tell some of these species apart at a quick glance.

Fortunately, the expert technicians at Terminix have experience tangling with any ant you may encounter in the Augusta yard. Whatever sort shows up, Terminix has the know-how, equipment and training to make sure they go marching on out of your yard.

Is pest control worth it?

Pest control is absolutely worth it. It’s one of the most practical and valuable investments you can make for the long term health of your home and safety of your family.

Terminix pest control of Augusta offers homeowners the best treatment and protection around, backed by the strongest guarantee in the industry: if the pests come back, then so will we.

What’s more, Terminix customers get exclusive access to the expertise and experience of local technicians. They are always ready to answer any pest control questions that come up, recommend treatment options and help secure your home.

For Pest Control in Augusta, GA – Trust Terminix

Whatever pests come your way, Terminix has a solution. Contact your local Augusta pest control experts today to schedule your free inspection.

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