Shoo Drain Flies; Go Away

Swatting flies away from your drain? You are probably encountering drain flies, also called “moth flies.

house in the woods

Common Pests You May Find in Your Home

You don’t want uninvited pests invading your home.

terminix employee checking under the sink

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can be extremely difficult to get rid of, but that’s why Terminix is here to help.


7 Ways Pests Are Taking the Sweat Equity Out of Your House

By Bob Vila, home improvement expert If you’re like so many other property owners, you put a great deal of time and energy, money and thought into your single biggest investment, your home.

gray rat

Danger of Trapping Rats On Your Own

Not only can rats spread disease and aggravate your pets, but they can also chew on electrical cables and wreak other havoc on your home.

house in the winter

Pests That Outsmart Winter

These five pests have evolved to withstand wintery conditions to survive: Mosquitoes: Adult mosquitoes will not survive, but the eggs will.

shed in the winter

How to Make Sure Rodents Don’t Invade Your Shed This Winter

Sheds are the perfect place to store your lawnmower, shovels, and other equipment.

christmas tree pests

Christmas Tree Pests

Christmas trees are vulnerable to dozens of different pests.


Protect Your Pantry From Pests This Holiday Season

It’s the start of a joyful time of the year when homes fill with delicious smells of holiday cooking and the sound of laughter among family and friends.

bed bug

Bed Bugs in Winter

Bed bugs don’t go to sleep in winter, die or retreat to more welcoming habitats either like some insects.