One thing we can all agree on is that anything with more than four legs is terrifying—which means spiders are extra terrifying. 

But aside from their often icky appearance, spiders are actually an essential part of many ecosystems. Spiders do not transmit diseases, and they help reduce populations of annoying pests that can be a danger to humans, such as mosquitoes

Despite their helpful nature, you definitely don’t want them crawling around inside your home. We get that. That’s why we asked one of our resident entomologists to give us some pointers on how to keep these critters outside where they belong. 

Check out our top five tips for how to get rid of spiders and prevent them from coming back. (Pssst…regular pest control treatment with Terminix is a great start too!)

  1. Keep Your Home Clean and Uncluttered

A clutter-free home means less places for pests to hide out. Without an abundance of pests to feed on, spiders won’t want to move in. Win-win! 

Make sure you regularly declutter your home and keep the interior and exterior tidy to discourage any potential critters that may be on the lookout for an easy target.

  1. Add Screens on Windows, Doors, and Vents

To prevent spiders from wandering inside your home in search of food sources, always be sure to keep screens on any windows, open doors, and vents. If the creepy crawlers can’t easily get inside, chances are they will stay outside or move on to greener (or buggier) pastures. 

3. Turn Off Unnecessary Lights at Night

This one may sound strange, but trust us: it’s effective. Lights attract flying insects like gnats, mosquitoes, and moths. Spiders will come to feed on these insects and end up sticking around if there’s a steady and reliable food source nearby. Turn the porch lights off before you head to bed, and you can rest easy knowing spiders aren’t heading for your home.

4. Vacuum Regularly in Undisturbed Areas

Commonly undisturbed areas, like underneath the bed, the back of closets, or the corners of a basement, can provide ideal areas for spiders and other pests to dwell. Vacuum these areas regularly to keep them clean. If you come across any spiderwebs or egg sacs, carefully remove them with the vacuum and be sure to empty it when you’re done. 

5. Trim Bushes and Tree Limbs

To avoid accidentally becoming a spider haven, keep bushes and tree limbs trimmed and away from your house. Overgrowth can provide easy access for these critters to make their way into your home, in addition to attracting more pests for spiders to feed on. You should also be sure to avoid using an abundance of mulch or pine straw in your yard. 

When it comes down to it, spiders are extremely prevalent, but not typically dangerous to you or your family. Follow the above tips to reduce spider activity in and around your home, and increase your peace of mind.  

If the creepy crawlers are still hanging around, call in the pest experts at Terminix! We’ll help you keep your home spider-free, guaranteed.

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