We’ve Got Pest Control Down(town) to a Science

From sports to music to parks and art, The Queen City is known for having plenty to do. Unfortunately, the crowded confines of a city are also a breeding ground for pests. In the Charlotte metropolitan area, you may encounter a variety of issues, like ants (especially Argentines), cockroaches and some heavy mosquito populations. Big cities are also more at risk for bed bugs given the travelers coming in and out. If these or any other pests are plaguing your home—or if you want to stop ‘em before they start—your local Terminix branch is here to help.

Why Trust Terminix

As the local pest control experts, we know how to tackle the unique pest problems of the Charlotte Metro Area. We’ll use that expertise to come up with a customized solution for your property. After all, knowledge is our best tool when it comes to protecting your home. Why trust anyone else?

Keeping Homes Bug-Free Since 1947

We’ve been banishing creepy-crawlies from homes and businesses in this area for more than 70 years. That’s a long time. As a third-generation family owned and operated franchise of Terminix International, we’re always here for you. Hey, that’s what family is for!

The Best Guarantee in the Business

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or overrun by insects, we promise to step in and fix the problem, STAT. In fact, we’re so confident we can make it right that we’re willing to double down on it. Our job isn’t done until you say it is. That’s the Terminix guarantee.

terminix employee leaning in the truck